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What is MinecraftEdu?  

MinecraftEdu software (online gaming) is an extended development for education institutions that followed after the success of the 3-D online game Minecraft. The developers have asked the question: "How could Minecraft add value to learning in te classroom?", and MinecraftEdu was conceived. There are more than 30 million people of all ages around the world who are playing the Minecraft game. DVC HC and Digital Technology HC will be introducing this game soon in the classrooms at HC to extend the learning experiences of students. 

Good news for New Zealand schools! Minecraft Education is now available for free through the Ministry of Education from Sept 2018.

Below are some video clips that introduces  and gives an overview of MinecraftEdu - 2018 VIDEOS (new version)


Digital Citizens:

When exploring Design Eras in Sustainable Architecture and choosing an influential designer MinecraftEdu is an ideal tool to create and explore possibilities. See the clip below of the possibilities of modern architectural design.