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What is Bio-mimetics?

Biomimetic refers to human-made processes, substances, devices, or systems that imitate nature. The art and science of designing and building biomimetic apparatus is called biomimetics, and is of special interest to researchers in nanotechnology, robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), the medical industry, and the military. Source:

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Image below: Namib Desert Beetle

Source of image: Stenocara gracilipes (Namib Desert Beetle)  Author/Photographer/Artist: Moongateclimber Source: Uploaded: 2008-10-07 23:41:42 Keywords:  Namib desert beetle in Sossuvlei License: GFDL - Gnu Free Document License

Video below shows how the Namib Desert Beetle collects water.

This principle could be used by designers and architects to harvest water in dry arid environments like the desert, etc. This multi-disciplinary approach and process is called bio-mimicry or bio-mimetics.