Sketch by Liz Steel: Sydney Opera House. Here she have used 3 coloured ink pens with watercolours. See her website for more outstanding sketching work. Credit: Liz Steel -

Liz Steel Architect and sketcher:

"I’m an obsessive sketcher from Sydney Australia who loves sketching my life and sharing my adventures.

Visit is my personal blog where I share sketches of my daily life and my traveling. There is no doubt that sketching has changed my life and this blog documents the entire journey!" Taken form her website/blog:

Author's comment on Liz Steel's work:

The techniques of Liz is an excellent example of making quick sketches. As an architect her strength is architectural work. She varies her sketches with details like sectional views, close  ups, diagrams, and much more. She also draws people. Over her years  of  sketching she have mastered sketching and she is truly inspiring. She has several YouTube videos and she shared her experiences and techniques. See her YouTube channel.

My first attempt using fountain pens (black ink- Lamy fountain pen - medium nib) and watercolours to do architectural sketching: Old Courthouse - Ryde Historic Walk in Australia .  I realised the great possibilities to do illustrations and sketches for DVC (product and architectural design) using fountain pens and watercolours. Definitely worth developing these techniques with my students. Credit: William Van Zyl (March 2020).

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