To teach the introduction to e-sewing the ProtoSnap Lilypad is a great unit to use. On this page are design sketches on how to make a pencil roll which includes led lights that lights up. A simple electrical diagram with a coin battery, switches and buttons are shown. Conductive thread are used to complete  the circuit. Scroll down to see more.

Design sketch for a simple pencil roll (from fabric). Once completed the pencil roll include a simple e-textiles component. The ProtoSnap Lilypad is the ideal unit to teach students the basics of e-sewing. A simple electrical circuit which includes a coin battery, a switch, a button and three led's, could be used to learn more about electrical circuits and diagrams included to clothing and more. The above image shows a very basic pencil roll with a ProtoSnap circuit at the bottom. Dimensions of the  pencil roll are not included.  Students could also consider making an art media roll, which could include brushes, special pens, specialpencils, rubbers, pencil sharpeners and more. Credit: W Van Zyl 2020 

Example of pencil and brush roll - to inspire students and to get a sense of the size. Credit: W Van Zyl. 2020 

Watercolours and ink pens used for the sketching of the simple design for the pencil roll. Credit: W Van Zyl 2020

The ProtoSnap Lilypad. These components snap out of the unit and are sewn onto fabric with conductive thread to complete the circuit. 

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