Bas-Relief Artwork. See more at Credit: Churchhill High School Mr Eager (art teacher).   


You are interested in cardboard bas-relief work. You want to express your ‘own identity’ linked to your culture, history, and your family. Your intention is to create artwork that will tell a story about who you are. Include your dreams and future plans!

Once your artwork is complete type up a short story about who you are, where you are from (your roots), something about your culture, and more. Be creative! There are no restrictions and limitations on your choice of artwork or your story. Remember it has to reflect your identity!   


Design a bas-relief cardboard work of art that reflects your identity, your roots, your culture, your dreams and future.Once you have completed your research and artwork, type up the story of who you are.Include a timeline of the events you are describing (dates/years, etc.).

Take photographs of your artwork and use these illustrations to tell your story.    


  • Size of corrugated cardboard: about 300 x 300 mm 
  • Use a craft knife or Exacto knife. Please be very careful when using it!!  
  • Storyboard/poster/display: Take a picture of your completed artwork on 'IDENTITY" and paste it into a Google Slide. Provide a title and type up a short story on your IDENTITY and the work you have created. You may use several slides. Be creative!
  • Timeline: The timeline of the events you are describing is your choice. You could consider an infographic or any other 'timeline' illustration of your choice. Check out (infographic) online graphic design website!