3-D Printed  Cannon

The completed cannon.
Base of cannon - printed with 3-D printer (black colour)

Ryan Bateup Y 10 DVC (Huntly College) created a 3-D model of a cannon using 3-D printing material for the base (black colour). The barrel was made in the engineering workshop on the lathe (aluminium). Ryan designed the cannon on Google Sketchup (computer aided design software) which was sent to the 3-D printer. Netfabb software was used to process and print the model. See the pictures of Ryan Bateup and the completed cannon; included are the engineering drawings and specifications below.

3D Printing is a very useful tool for teachers. View the video clip below to see how geometrical concepts,  maths,  basic architecture, developing spatial concepts,  and Design and Visual Communication  could be taught by using MinecraftEdu & 3D printing.